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Below you'll find a list of our papers and related work.  Check back to find our latest updates and reports!  


2023 November White Paper

Impact and Value Measurement: A Way Forward

As businesses, governments and researchers grapple with the need to measure stakeholder impacts beyond shareholders, each faces the unique challenge of matching their intention to measure these truly with the complexities of doing so.  This paper outlines three key aspects of our current work including (1) the clarification of value measurement, its elements and mindset required for effectively implementing such an approach with inspiration from Japan, (2) an outline of the detailed quality assurance (QA) process that we have now completed, and (3) a case example of how the Value Model can be applied in order to assess the breadth and depth of any business’s sustainability reporting initiatives based on their public disclosures. 

VM A Way Forward.png

2022 August White Paper


We've integrated all 114 of The European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG)'s draft sustainability disclosure requirements into the Value Model.  This report outlines how the EFRAG impact measures align with the Value Model and explores ideas for further improvements to these.

EFRAG and the Value Model.jpg
2022 Whitepaper.png

2022 White Paper

A  V A L U E  M O D E L  F O R  R E S P O N S I B L E


We've integrated an additional 346 impact measurements from six new ESG and sustainability reporting frameworks into its existing Value Model. Based on this analysis, we've added one additional goal, to arrive at our current 7 stakeholder, 27 theme, 81 Goal model to help companies increase their social impact.

2021 White Paper

VALUING VALUE: A synthesis of global sustainability frameworks to establish objective and transparent goals to measure value for a firm, its shareholders, customers, employees, parters, society and the planet.

This first white paper explains the overall process that the VRC research team followed to create the original Value Model.  Essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the details of how the Value Model was created and the underlying thinking behind it.

Valuing Value BRIEF.jpg


Journal of Macromarketing

May 2023

This paper outlines how value can be measured across four elements of the firm/stakeholder relationship beyond standard economic measures. It takes into account the perception of financial value along with non-financial benefits provided and received by the firm and its stakeholders. Focusing only upon the economic or financial outcomes of such relationships can lead to erroneous results as the money spent may not create value for the receiver, and could even do significant harm. The aggregation of views across different firms together with the perceptions of various stakeholders will allow for comparisons between firms and stakeholders. Applying this conceptual model will also reveal what is important to the firm versus what is important to the stakeholder. This paper proposes an improved approach to conceptualizing and measuring net value in which businesses can see if the value they provide exceeds the value they receive from stakeholders and vice versa.


Journal of Creating Value

November, 2021

This paper introduces the concept of "Value Washing," provides a definition of what this means, and offers a prescription for how it can be eradicated by business and government leaders.  

Value Washing Sugai.png
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