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The Value Research Center

Global Value Research from Kyoto, Japan


The Value Research Centre (VRC) is an independent Research Center at Doshisha University, officially established in November 2021.  Our team conducts research and outreach to develop a system for measuring, monitoring, assessing and reporting on value creation and destruction impacts that organizations make on their most important stakeholders.  These include (1) the organization itself, as well as its (2) shareholders or owners, (3) customers, (4) employees, (5) partners, the (6) society within which it operates and (7) the planet.  In light of the same, VRC has developed an 81-goal Value Model (VM) and is looking to implement it across verticals, industries and geographies.


Helping businesses and governments understand, measure & optimize social impacts

Our research brings together and integrates concepts from marketing (value and service) economics (macro and micro economic theory), accounting (sustainability reporting and integrated reporting), technology (data pods, distributed ledger technology and AI), sustainability (net zero, biodiversity, etc.), finance (firm value, shareholder value, etc.). For these efforts to succeed we must work with top researchers and practitioners across all of these fields not only in Japan but globally. Towards this end we plan to hold activities across three areas, including (1) value model validation, (2) financial model development and (3) distributed data, distributed ledger technologies, and AI system development for measuring value.  In addition to these three research tracks, we intend to (4) widely disseminate our research findings through international academic and business conferences, journal articles and books as well as hosting an annual Value Summit here on the Doshisha University campus.  


While research on value has been conducted for centuries, to date, no researcher or organization has brought these results and concepts together into a clear and comprehensive model.  In order to help humanity achieve solutions to the most important and pressing challenges facing us today, the aim of our collective efforts is to provide such a model as a service to governments, businesses and academic researchers globally.

Operating Council


Philip Sugai

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Director, Value Research Center

Professor, Doshisha Business School


Masato Yamazaki

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Research Leader, Value Research Center

Professor, Aquinas College


Kumar Iyer

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Practice Leader, Value Research Center

Independent Sustainability Strategist

Advisory Board


Gautam Mahajan

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Founder, Customer Value Foundation

Founding Editor, Journal of Creating Value (SAGE)


Stefano Zambon

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Professor of Accounting & Business Administration, University of Ferrara


Shari Littan

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Director, Corporate Reporting & Research Policy, Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)


Trista Bridges

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Principal & Co-Founder, Read The Air


Donald Eubank

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Co-Founder, Read The Air

Climate Asset Manager, CRX


William J. Swinton

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Assistant Dean,

International Business Programs

Temple University, Japan Campus


Mario Abela

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Professor of Management Accounting, IESEG School of Management


Johana Dunlop

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Membership Engagement Manager at IOGP

Carbon Connect International, Senior Advisor  CEDEP Executive Education, Faculty


Paul Beddie

Advisory Board Chairman

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International Ambassador,

SAP Japan Office of Globalization  Sustainability Champion


George Sullivan

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Sr. Principal & CEO at Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp


Michael Shuman

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Senior Economist at Council Fire, Benefit LLC


Yasuo Ozawa

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Silkwave Industries

CIEE Kyoto CD David Satterwhite 2021.jpg

David Satterwhite

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Senior Corporate Advisor

Lee106 Company Limited

Asia Studies & Political Science,

Temple University, Japan Campus


Kenji Shimizu

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Deputy Managing Editor, Business News Department

the Mainichi Newspapers


Yoshie Sugai

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Shihan (Head Instructor)

Chiseikan Dojo

Research Members


Fukuko Inoue

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Professor of Human Resource Management, Doshisha Business School


Yong Yin

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Professor of Operations Management, Doshisha Business School

HOSHINO portrait.png

Tohiya Hoshino

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Professor of
International Public Policy, Osaka University

Director, ESG
Integration Research
and Education Center

Director, IAFOR Research Centre, OSIPP

Satoh sensei.jpeg

Haruko Satoh

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Guest Professor, ESG-Integration Research and Education Center, OSIPP
Co-Director (Research), IAFOR Research Centre, OSIPP

Mori sensei.jpeg

Masaki Mori

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Associate Professor

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne


Karl H Richter

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Director & Co-Founder, iSumio

Director & Co-Founder, EngagedX

Part-time Lecturer, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management


Joseph Haldane

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Chairman & C.E.O, 

The International Academic Forum (IAFOR)


Ryohei Horikawa

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General Manager

TNC, Inc.


Seitaro Owada

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Compliance and Corporate Sustainability Department,
Eco Ring Co., Ltd.


David Freiberg

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ESG Program Development Manager

Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP


Aiko Kozaki

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stream-i, Inc.




The VRC continues to operate smoothly due to our team of Research Assistants, Staff and Consultants:

Satanan Phattanaprayoonvong

Jakkraphan Phetharn

Reyn Koizumi

Nicholas Linnan

Rie Nagatani

Martina Beszedesova

Partner Organizations & Institutions

The Value Research Center aims to partner with the world's leading institutions, research centers, and other organizations to further promote our research agenda.  The list of partner organizations & institutions below continues to evolve and grow.  If you or your organization are interested in becoming a partner of the Value Research Center please contact us to explore opportunities for collaboration.


Screen Holdings

Kyoto Japan


Eco Ring Co. Ltd.

Hyogo Japan


University of Lyon


There are multiple pathways to working with The Value Research Center to support our work.  From research donations, to project sponsorships, and competitive research grants, if you or your company are interested in supporting our work, please contact us to learn more about these options.


Research Sponsorships are a way for individuals or organizations to support the overall efforts of the VRC

Project Research

If you or your company are interested in a specific research agenda or partnership, Project Sponsorships offer contract-based agreements linked to specific research outcomes.

Collaborative Grants

If your individual or company research efforts aligns with ours, The VRC is regularly applying for competitive research grants.  


University of Bordeaux


Osaka University (ESG-IREC)

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In Discussions

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