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Our Projects

Research conducted within the VRC is focused on four interrelated tracks including (1) Value Model Development, (2) Value Measurement, (3) Distributed Data & AI, and (4) Education

Business Plan

Track 1


Based on the 81-Goal Value Model that we have developed, this first research track is focused on (1) testing and enhancing this model, and (2) assessing companies across different sectors, regions and industries to understand the effectiveness of its measurement rigor, and (3) building an assessment system for data collection and reporting that is both easy to understand and to use. This will be accomplished through in-depth collaboration with businesses in Japan and Globally.

Financial Reports

Track 2


Each of the goals identified in our Value Model has measurable impacts. The purpose of this research stream within the Value Research Center is to develop actual financial measurements related to each identified goal.  Together with top researchers and practitioners in finance and accounting fields, we  develop quantifiable impact measurements related to each of the goals that are included in our model.  Rigorous testing across different companies, countries and industries will be required in order to build robust measures of value for each goal.

Water Testing Kit

Track 3


The aim of this research stream is to match each of the goals in our Value Model with passive impact measures that can then be collected and stored in a distributed way at source, then dynamically updated whenever there are changes, and finally continuously reported for nearly real time aggregate analysis.  This research stream will also explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to develop nearly real-time analysis on these passively collected impact measurements to create easy to understand dashboards for managers and outside auditors to review.

Person Checking Data

Track 4


As part of a global educational institution, our primary goal within the Value Research Center is to educate and train both today's and tomorrow's leaders on best practices in value measurement and management.  To do so we will hold private and public training sessions, workshops, seminars and other events.  We will also be working to publish and disseminate the results of our research efforts from the other three tracks through all appropriate academic and business channels.

Business Conference
Laptop Writing

Research Papers

We are working on publishing the results of our work in some of the world's top academic and business journals.  As these are published, they will be posted here.


Other Publications

We continue to work on publishing white papers, case studies, news articles and other content outlining the extent of our work.  As these are published, they will be posted here.

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