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Latest News and Insights on Value from the VRC


Are the SDGs just "advertising"? The big problem of corporate "window dressing


By: Kenji Shimizu, Mainichi Newspapers

October 30, 2021

"Ethical Capitalism" from Japan! Measuring True Corporate Value


Latest videos and presentations about our efforts:

UN General Assembly Science Summit (UNGASS 77)

Organized by Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology (OIST) and Japan's Permanent Mission to the United Nations

Sept. 26, 2022

Valuing Value: How any Organization Can Measure Stakeholder Value and “Ethical Capitalism”

Philip Sugai, Value Research Center (VRC)

Haruko Satoh, OSIPP, IRC

Toshiya Hoshino, OSIPP, ESG-IREC

Masato Yamazaki, Aquinas College, VRC

Yoshie Sugai, Chiseikan Dojo

Jin Montesano, LIXIL

Trista Bridges, Read the Air

Kumar Iyer, Value Research Center

Sept. 3, 2022

5th Global Conference On Creating Value

Organized by the Creating Value Foundation, JAIST and Kobe University

How to Measure Value: A Synthesis of Impact Measurements Across Sustainability Reporting Frameworks

Prof. Philip Sugai, Value Research Center

Advertising Week Asia 2022
The Purpose of Corporation Measured by the Value Model

Prof. Philip Sugai, Value Research Center

Christian Schmitz, PDIE Group

Paul Beddie, SAP

Angela Ortiz, Adidas

A Value Model for Responsible Business

Prof. Philip Sugai

Interview with Dr. Joseph Haldane

IAFOR-OSIPP Research Center

April 1, 2022

Sustainability & Measuring Value

Prof. Philip Sugai

Temple University Japan (TUJ) Sustainability Roundtable

July 2, 2021

Creating Value Through Marketing & 80 Goals to Measure Sustainability

Prof. Philip Sugai

Seek Sustainable Japan

November 11, 2021

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